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About us


Isegran Fartøyvern repair and restore all types of traditional wooden vessels. Our staff of shipwrights take great pride in their craft and are themselves enthusiastic traditional boat-owners and sailors. We place particular emphasis on the importance of the historical and cultural integrity of the vessels we work on and strive to assist our customers in every respect when planning and carrying out restoration projects.

The boathouse 

Isegran Fartøyvern build and repair all types of wooden boats. Our “Boathouse” is a heritage building with boatbuilding activity going back 100 years. We have room for 7 boats indoors and customers who have boats in for repair have the opportunity to brush up their boat while we work on it.


We build masts and rigs for all types of sailing vessels. Our mast-loft can produce either laminate or solid masts up to 30 meters in length for classic yachts or working craft. Our 160 square metre rigging workshop can produce standing and running rigging in all materials from hemp to stainless steel. In addition our team of riggers provide survey and design services with expertise in all rigs from small working craft through classic yachts to gaff- and square-rigged vessels. We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom made metal fittings in steel, stainless steel and bronze. In addition we supply blocks, cordage and all accessory equipment necessary for a well-functioning rig.


Isegran Fartøyvern has 600 square meters of indoor workshop and boat storage space with controlled temperature and humidity. This facility is ideal for the storage and maintenance of classic yachts and motorboats. Included in the facility are separate isolated areas for varnishing and painting where the highest quality finish can be attained.


We have a slipway for vessels of up to 90 feet long and a displacement of up to 100 tons. We supply all necessary products for slipway maintenance and service.


We have a chandlery store with products for traditional vessels.

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